Personal Pages

Whether you want a professional appearance and presentation for your career opportunities, a simple place to share some family pictures with friends across the miles, or a presence on the internet for your club, organization, or group, a personal page makes a great alternative to a full web site or a social networking page.

Personal pages allow you to be fully expressive and unencumbered by the rules, regulations, and framework of a social networking site. With a personal page, you can design from top to bottom an internet presence that is unique and memorable.

A personal page makes for a great electronic resumé. With a dot com domain matching your name, you will allow yourself the opportunity to separate yourself from other candidates for the desired position while demonstrating your ability and prowess in electronic media.

Personal pages also make for great family scrapbooks and photo albums. Once established, you can share your web address with friends and family, where they will be just a click away from viewing shots from your graduation, reading up on your latest accomplishments, seeing a video of your son's first steps, or listening to that first original song!

Perhaps your club or organization would like to have a public bulletin board for your events or recent accomplishments or maybe you have one major fundraiser that you want to feature year round. A personal page is the perfect application, allowing you to summarize your club's focus or event and supply basic contact information for further details. A single page "webvertisement" is a great stepping stone option, and allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing to your particular situation.