We all are aware of the power of Facebook as a socially interactive online tool. It's a place where we can see our sister's wedding video from Hamburg, Germany or pictures from last night's little league baseball game. Facebook allows us to instantaneously connect to friends and family across the street or on the opposite side of the world.

While it is easy to see how fun and personally gratifying Facebook can be, a business owner can easily overlook the value of this social networking site. Don't be fooled into thinking that Facebook cannot benefit your business.

Utilized properly, it can provide an additional communication conduit between you and your customers. Aside from being another avenue to promote sales or attract traffic, Facebook can be that virtual handshake and smile that allows your business to connect with remote customers through shared interests. When properly managed, Facebook can allow your business to relate to customers much in the same way as a sales consultant establishes and maintains a rapport with his client list.

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