Welcome to the Age of E-Marketing

Heavenly Prints Digital Media (HPDM) is a marketing consultation/services business operated by Ray Hunt. In the past 10 years, Ray has successfully managed and maintained web sites for several local bands, a rare coins firm, a sound reinforcement business, a home repair business, and a vintage comics dealer. Individuals can also benefit from HPDM. Ray can assist in the development and updating of online personal profiles.

HPDM’s digital marketing expertise is not limited to web sites and web pages. Ray sees the latest trend in online marketing, social networking, as a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to develop and grow positive customer relationships. HPDM offers start-up and maintenance services for Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

While not the main mission, HPDM also offers several peripheral services. Ray is a skilled computer shopper and can assist in the purchase, set-up, and installation of workstations, laptops, smart phones, and tablet devices in home or small office networking environments. Additionally,
troubleshooting and repair services for existing networks and devices are also available.